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Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to put these photos up the moment I got back from Liverpool, but with all the reviewing of the new released products, I just didn’t have the time to sort them all out. I’ve finally done so, so enjoy a shitload of Lush Liverpool photos. Also I want to thank Ruby from Lush Netherlands for getting me an awesome tour there. And a big thanks to the amazing staff for giving me and my friend a tour in the new store, helping us find the products we needed and for the lovely chats we had! 💚

Lush Movis, Fresh Farmacy and Coalface

Fresh facial cleansers

Lush Cookie Dough

Lush Mint Julips

Lush lip balms

Lush lip scrubs

Lush 9 To 5 Cleanser

Glow sticks, solid highlighters

Lush naked shower gels

Lush soaps

Lush Banana Co-Wash

Lush Mango Co-Wash

Lush Coconut Co-Wash

Lush Hair Necessities Conditioner

Lush Black Hole Sun Pressed Conditioner Bar

Lush The Golden Cap Pressed Conditioner Bar

Lush Shield Damage Control

Lush Super Milk Conditioning Spray

Lush Willow The Wisp Thickning Serum

Lush #Gains Protein Spray

Lush Drop and Roll Hair Mousse

Lush Hair Custard Hair Dressing

Lush Goddess Hair Moisturiser

Lush On Edge Edging Balm and Lush The Invisible Dry Oil

Lush Renee’s Shea Soufflé Hair Balm

Lush The Hairdresser’s Husband Hair Spray

Lush Punkawalop

Lush There’s Something About Rosemary Styling Balm and Lush Poseidon Styling Balm

Lush Millenial Cream

Lush Curl Power

Lush The Invisible Dry Oil

Lush On Edge Edging Balm

Lush Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo

Lush Time Traveller FUN

Lush Glow Worm FUN

Lush Quicksand FUN

Lush Rainbow FUN

Lush bath oils

Lush Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil

Lush Revelations Bath Oil

Lush Floating Island Bath Oil

Lush Flower’s Barrow Bath Oil

Lush Hold On Bath Oil

Lush Imp-atient Bath Oil

Lush Let’s Get It On Bath Oil

Lush Take Flight Bath Oil

Lush Love Is The Way Bath Oil

Lush Validation Shower Bomb

Lush Supernatural Powers Shower Bomb

Lush Love Shower Bomb

Lush Wake Up Call Shower Bomb

Lush Supernatural Powers Shower Bomb and Lush Comfort Zone Shower Bomb

Lush Meditation Shower Bomb and Lush Not Sleepy Shower Bomb

Lush Red Pill Shower Bomb and Lush Blue Pill Shower Bomb

Lush Not Sleepy Shower Bomb and Lush Tantric Energy Shower Bomb

Pick and mix! Choose your own flowers and herbs to add to the bath bomb. Such an amazing idea.

Lush Crazy Train Bath Bomb


Lush Amsterdam Knot Wrap (employee not included)

Lush Soy Bran Exfoliator

Don’t mind me, just awkwardly posing for the photo

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