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The Easter range has always been one of my favorite ranges. The collection’s packed with cute products, e.g. bunnies and colorful eggs, and they make me so excited for spring. I mean, look at this cute, colorful bunny! It’s pretty big and its colors are so vivid. It’s a terrible bath bomb to see if you have trypophobia though. 😂 If you’re curious about this bath bomb, keep on reading!

What is it?

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coconut Milk Powder, Rice Bran Absolute, Lime Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Carob Resinoid, Cream of Tartar, Titanium Dioxide, Water (Aqua), Cornstarch, Sodium Coco Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Dipropylene Glycol, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Propylene Glycol, Tin Oxide, *Limonene, Perfume, Colour 45410:2, Colour 42090, Colour 45410:1, Colour 19140, Colour 17200, Colour 45410

Lush Bunny Moon Bath Bomb costs £7.00 / $10.00 / €8,50 and is part of the Easter 2024 range. It’s a whopping 230 grams bath bomb, so pretty huge! It contains coconut milk powder and cornstarch, both ingredients will soften the water and therefore your skin as well. It contains lime, benzoin and carob. Carob resinoid will give its products a cake-like flavour and scent, which I can definitely pickup in this scent. It’s a sweet, candy-like scent, with a hint of vanilla baked goodies, but also a tiny hint of lime in the background. It’s a good scent—albeit not a very outstanding one. I think a lot of people will like this scent, but it’s not a scent that leaves a lasting impression on me. Time for this bunny to hop into my tub!

What do I think?

This bunny will decorate your tub in no time! Streams of blue and pink are spewing in all directions, while coloring the water a beautiful shade of lavender. The beautiful swirls of pink and blue froth cover the surface of the water, giving us a lovely performance. The benzoin ingredient is fully coming alive, filling the bathroom with its comforting, warm aroma. The water is noticably more softer, so the coconut milk powder and cornstarch are doing a great job as well! I have to say this bath bomb is top-notch for me. I love the colors pink, purple and blue and this bunny has all those 3 colors for me. This is how a pretty bath water should look like! The thick, frothy layer on the surface felt so luxurious.

My skin was less dry after bathing, I could feel how the cornstarch and coconut milk powder hydrated and softened my skin. The scent was long present after I was done as well. All in all this bath was amazing—I felt super relaxed afterwards and I really enjoyed its beautiful colors, bath art and scent. 😊

If you have a positive (or negative) experience with this product, feel free to share them in the comments!

Lush Bunny Moon Bath Bomb costs £7.00 (England) / $10.00 (USA) / €8,50 (The Netherlands)

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