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If there’s one thing I can’t live without, it’s a good scrub. Despite my inactiveness the past few years, I always kept using body scrubs by Lush because I simply LOVE them. My favorites are Orange body scrub and Magic Crystals body scrub, but I’m always trying out new scrubs. When I saw The Old Songs Are Waking, I was instantly in love at the pretty texture. Today I’ll be reviewing this beauty!

If you’re curious about this product, make sure you keep on reading!

What is it?

Lush The Old Songs Are Waking sugar scrub costs £10.00 (135g) and is available in 135g and 290g. It’s part of the Mother’s Day, which is–for now–only released in the UK. It’s a new product with a new scent, which I’ll elaborate on later. I noticed the texture is the same as the Sticky Dates scrub—they’re both very firm and not liquid like Orange or Ocean Salt, but more like Let The Good Times Roll cleanser.

The scrub is sugar-based, meaning it can rather be a bit rough on the skin, so I wouldn’t recommend using it daily. It’s perfect for when you desire a soft and smooth skin, buffing away all dead skin cells, whilst enjoying the delicious scent filling your shower. Also, can we all agree on how pretty this scrub looks like?! I love how its topped off with golden glitters.

What’s inside?

Ingredients: Caster Sugar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Babassu Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Perfume, Tonka Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, Bergamot Oil, Olibanum Resinoid, Cornstarch, Lactic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Talc, Lauryl Betaine, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Tin Oxide, Silica, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, *Citronellol, Coumarin, *Limonene, *Linalool, Colour 45410:2, Colour 77491, Colour 42090:2, Colour 77499

As I mentioned before, the scrub is sugar-based. It’s also packed with the multi-tasking ingredient cocoa butter, for a hydrated and soft skin. Babassu and coconut oil are restorative for the skin, as well as great moisturisers. Tonka is one of my favorite ingredients, as it has a very sweet and soothing scent. I’m practically in love with every product by Lush that has tonka beans on the ingredients list! Vanilla is added to create the amazing scent, but did you know it’s also antibacterial for the skin? Olibanum is awesome at softening and soothing the skin, while bergamot oil freshens the skin and often adds a zesty note to the overall scent.


The scent of The Old Songs Are Waking is out of this world. It’s what made me fall in love with this product. It’s a very sweet and warm scent—nothing too sweet like Snow Fairy of The Comforter, but more like vanilla candy sweet. It’s totally giving me gourmand vibes. The vanilla and tonka beans create a warm, but sweet and comforting scent, while bergamot adds a tiny touch of fruity to it. It’s a hit for me and I wish more products sharing this scent will follow!

What do I think?

Unlike liquid body scrubs, this scrub is a bit different when it comes to usage. You pinch out a bit and lather it over wet skin, creating a rich, foamy layer while buffing away dead skin cells. You don’t need much to cover your limbs, so it’s also great when it comes to economical use. The scent fills up the entire bathroom and can even be smelled afterwards on the skin. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth, but also a lot more hydrated than before. As you can see on the photo above, my skin looks supple and soft, not a dry patch in sight! I also noticed how gentle this scrub is. It’s nowhere as rough as e.g. Ocean Salt, so sensitive skins can easily enjoy this scrub without having to worry about scratched skin.

I’m absolutely LOVING this body scrub and I might even buy the bigger pot when Mother’s Day in launched in The Netherlands! If you’re looking for a nice body scrub to get rid of the dead winter skin cells, you need to give this one a try! Oh and Lush, if you’re reading this.. a body spray with this scent, perhaps? 😉

If you have a positive (or negative) experience with this product, feel free to share them in the comments!

Lush The Old Songs Are Waking sugar scrub costs £10.00 / 135g (England) and is yet to launch in other parts of the world.

5 Responses to Review: Lush The Old Songs Are Waking sugar scrub

  • Oh man, I already loved, freakin looooooved, the Barbie Dream scrub’s consistency (and scent, very zingy tart sweet) but this one also has the looks. Girl, I Want It. This one seems more gourmand but I’m hellah down for that

  • Wat is deze mooi!! Ik ben echt gek op glitters <3

  • A little goes a long way. I love love love this scrub. I get a Blueberry cheesecake scent from it and it makes my skin so smooth and soft. They need to make a body lotion and spray in this too.

  • It smells like Pot of gold, an older lush scent imo

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