Review: Lush Magic Rabbit Bath Bomb

The Easter collection by Lush has arrived, and it couldn’t be more colorful and cheerful! I immediately had my eye on this cute bath bomb. There’s two bunny ears sticking out of the bath bomb, and who knows what other surprises this bath bomb may hold! I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to try it in the tub.

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Review: Lush Sunnyside Up Shower Jelly

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled, boiled, poached, perhaps even fertilized, or from a pot while in the shower? If you’re a vegan, then I have good news — this egg is 100% vegan. As part of the Easter collection, this wobbly egg is a funny addition to the cheerful products from this range. Y’all were most curious about this product, so I decided to immediately review it!

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Review: Lush 29 High Street liquid perfume

Recently I wrote a review on the Snowcake perfume. Lush released a few perfumes as part of the Community Favourites a while ago, including Snowcake, but also this gem 29 High St. As a big fan of this scent, I had to have this perfume. You might be familiar with this scent because of the Aubergine bath bomb (and soap), which is now back and is here to stay, except for the soap. Anyway, today I’ll be reviewing this classic scent for you.

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Review: Lush Naked Attraction Massage Bar

Leave it to Lush to create a naughty, cheeky Valentine’s Day collection. They’ve really done a good job with this range, including this nekkid man and his buttocks. I’m not someone who is a fan of using massage bars, but since there was a demand for a blog post on this product, I decided to just give it a try. If you’re curious if this guy has false promises or if he can actually make his words come true, make sure you keep on reading!

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Review: Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Lush has a variety of very popular products. Dream Cream is one of them, but Lemony Flutter as well — and not without reason! This bestselling product has been around since 2005 (thank you @lush.scents for your eternal knowledge ♥), and when I Google this product, countless of product reviews come up. But shockingly, I never reviewed this product! Shame on me, I know. But no worries, today I will finally review this product!

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Review: Lush A French Kiss Bubble Bar

I have always been a fan of lavender scents. There’s something about the calming and soothing notes that makes me love it so much, I could use it every day. All the more reason to be surprised that I never had used this bubble bar! Time for a change, I reckon. I ordered one in the webshop and today I’ll be telling you all about this beaut.

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Review: Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

It’s time to dedicate a blog post to the best bubble bar out there. The prettiest and best-smelling bubble bar there is. Unicorn Horn has been a part of the Valentine’s collection for a few years now, and I’m very happy to announce that it’s become a part of the main line! This is one of the bubble bars from Lush which I really stock up on. Today I’m going to review this magical bubble bar, so if you’re curious why I love this bubble bar so much.. make sure you keep on reading!

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Review: Lush Flyway Shampoo Bar

The holidays are over, and so are my Christmas reviews! I haven’t been able to review everything I wanted, but something more important is going on in my life at the moment, so I was unable to blog as much as I would like to. Yes, I’m doing fine, no worries! Hopefully I’ll be able to share some details soon 😊 Anyway, a product that was waiting for me to be reviewed, was this new shampoo bar by Lush. Lately I’ve been testing it extensively and today I’ll my experience with this SLS free shampoo bar.

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Review: Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel

When I saw Prince Charming making a comeback this year, I was so thrilled. I had just one bottle left of this wonderful shower gel, and it expired in like, 2014 or so. It had practically become a collectors item rather than a product I still use daily, so I was kinda in need for a new bottle. When the Valentine’s Day collection was launched I immediately grabbed myself a bottle of this lovable shower gel. A few days later, this handsome looking Prince Charming was delivered to my doorstep. Not on a white horse, but in the hands of the mail man.

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New products coming soon (worldwide, main line!)

Yes! New products will soon be added to the Lush collection. Some of them aren’t new — they were either for sale temporarily, or only available in certain stores. There’s quite some mouthcare products, including some toothpaste jellies! I already reviewed a few of those, so I’ll add the links. There’s also 7 brand new Harajuku bath bombs coming soon. These were only for sale in the Harajuku store in Japan, just like the 54 Harajuku bath bombs last year. I happen to have already reviewed 3 of them! All of these products will be main line (all year round) and available world wide.

Bath bombs

  • Black Ninja Bath Bomb
  • Flight Bath Bomb (review)
  • Roar Bath Bomb (review)
  • Temple in the Skies Bath Bomb (review)
  • Tengri Bath Bomb
  • Salt Cube – Blue Gardenia Bath Bomb
  • Salt Cube – Rose Clay Bath Bomb

Mouth care

  • Cool Mouthwash Tabs
  • Creme de Mentha Mouthwash Tabs
  • Gin and Tonic Mouthwash Tabs
  • Spritz Mouthwash Tabs
  • Zing! Mouthwash Tabs
  • Boom! Toothy Tabs
  • Bubblegum Toothy Tabs
  • Dirty Toothy Tabs
  • Limelight Toothy Tabs
  • Miles of Smiles Toothy Tabs
  • Toothy Fruity Toothy Tabs
  • Blue Tooth Toothpaste Jelly (review)
  • Plaque Sabbath Toothpaste Jelly (review)
  • Strawberries and Clean Toothpaste Jelly
  • White Fang Toothpaste Jelly

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