SPOILERS: Lush Christmas 2020 range

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Fiiiiinally, the list of the Christmas range has been leaked. It’s the one thing we’ve been impatiently waiting for this entire summer. In the midst of the heat, it’s refreshing to see all those wintery items. The list in this blog post has been originally posted by @allthingslushau, for which I’m eternally grateful.

EDIT: This list is possibly not complete!

If you don’t want to see the list, don’t read further! Also, whenever I receive a little bit of information of the Christmas range, I’ll update this blog post immediately. Also, yes, I’m still alive, even though I barely blog. No worries, I’ll continue blogging soon — life is just hectic at the moment. 😊

Snow Fairy Wonderball (£7.95) (review)
Snow Fairy Bath Bomb (£4.95) (review)
Snow Fairy Body Conditioner
Snow Fairy Body Spray
Snow Fairy Roll/Bubble Bar (photo)
Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar (photo)
Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Yog Nog Body Milk (a body milk is like a body lotion — “a lighter, looser cream”) (photo)
Yog Nog Body Spray
Yog Nog Shower Gel (review)

Celebrate Body Spray
Golden Pear Body Spray
Fresh as Perfume (all sizes) (Needles & Pine scented) (photo)
Frangipani Perfume (all sizes)

NEW bath stuff:
Winter Garden Bath Bomb (£3.95) (photo)
Tick Tock Bath Bomb (Brightside scented with popping candy, £3.95) (photo)
Angels Delight Bath Bomb (same scent as the classic soap; tangerine and orange, £3.50) (photo)
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Bath Bomb (Space Girl scented, £2.95) (photo)
Elfie Stick Bubble Bar (banana, vetivert and lemon, £3.95 / €4.95) (photo)
Kinky Boots Bubble Bar (Sex Bomb scented, £5.95 / €7.50) (photo)

CLASSIC bath bombs:
Butterbear Bath Bomb (photo)
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (review)
Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb (£3.50) (review)
Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb (£4.95) (review)
Jingle Bells Bath Bomb (£4.95) (review)
Holly Golightly Bath Bomb (Avobath scented this year)
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb (£4.95) (review)
Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar (photo)
Candy Cane Bubble Bar (photo)

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly
Rudolph Nose Shower Bomb (review)
Orange Shower Scrub (Brightside scented) (photo)
Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire Shower Gel (Christmas Cake scented – new scent) (photo)
Sakura Body Lotion (Advent Calendar & Winter Wonderland gift exclusive) (photo)
Bûche de Noël Facial Cleanser (review)
Candy Cane Lip Scrub (photo)
Celebrate Body Milk (gift exclusive) (photo)
Once Upon A Time Body Lotion, both potted and naked, available in 100 grams (£10 or €13) and 225 grams (£18 or €24) (photo)
Sugar Plum Shower Bomb (photo)

Golden Pear soap (photo)
Shooting Stars soap (photo)
Snowcake soap (photo)
Polar Bear soap (minty/coconut scent) (photo)
Baked Alaska soap (photo)

Orange Shower Scrub
“A natural exfoliator, this sea salt scrub brightens skin while the vitamin C rich orange scent uplifts your mind in an aromatherapy shower.
How to use: The perfect orange to find in your Christmas stocking. Grab a handful and rub in small circular motions then rinse. Use it on wet skin for a gentle scrub, or try on dry skin for a really good buff before you step into the shower! Our sea salt is harvested by hand from salt pans in Portugal. Occasionally the process leaves tiny specs of natural imperfections, visible against the vibrant orange.”

Shooting Stars Soap
“Ditch the plastic with star fruit extract, mighty lime and bergamot in this Christmas soap. Leaving skin cleansed with a zesty sherbet scent.”

Celebrate Body Milk
“Bursting with orange and lime, feel refreshed and ready to party with this vegan Christmas body milk. Perfect for moisturising skin.”

Coconut Snow Body Lotion
“A gently scented Christmas body lotion of rose, coconut and lemongrass that leaves skin soft and smooth making it a perfect Christmas gift.”

Golden Pear Soap
“A delicious pear purée Christmas soap that leaves skin soft and sweetly scented of fruit desserts while being completely plastic-free.”

I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb
“This bath bomb happily fizzes around your bath leaving a trail of raspberry scent and popping candy, as you sink into purple starry waters.”

Kinky Boots Bubble Bar
“Enjoy a Christmas bath (or two) with jasmine, vegan musk and softening cocoa butter. A plastic-free bubble bar and bath oil together.
How to use: Crumble the red and white bubble bar under running water or add the bath melt boots to a full bath. For a touch of luxury, use together.”

Sakura Body Lotion
“A Christmas body lotion that evokes springtime. This lightweight fresh floral lotion will leave skin feeling smooth and soft.
How to use: A little goes a long way. Apply to dry skin and this lotion, inspired by the beauty of Sakura trees, will sink right in.”

Elfie Stick Reusable Bubble Stick

Winter Garden Bath Bomb

Tick Tock Bath Bomb

Polar Bear Soap

Butterbear Bath Bomb

Angels Delight Bath Bomb

Sugar Plum Shower Bomb

Baked Alaska Soap

Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar
“One of Lush’s most popular scents now as shampoo bar. A stocking filler gift has never smelt so sweet.
How to use: The perfect seasonal stocking filler gift. Unleash Snow Fairy on your hair, with up to 80 candy floss scented washes. Marshmallow root powder detangles as well as softening the hair. Perfect for soft, conditioned tresses.”

Yog Nog Body Milk

Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar

Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire Shower Gel

Once Upon A Time Body Lotion (liquid & naked)

Snowcake Soap

Contains three 100 gram shower gels: Sleepy, Yog Nog and Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire

More information

  • There’s a giant Snow Fairy gift that finally includes the body spray. It’s a £65 hat box with the bath bomb, Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar, body spray, body conditioner, shampoo bar, shower gel and Fairy Dust.
  • There’s also a £36 gift that combined Sleepy and Snow Fairy items.
  • There are soap gifts too which come with a soap dish!
  • Honey I Washed the Kids, Outback Mate and Golden Pear soaps packaged in a box with soap dishes made from Kaolin White Clay.
  • The gift selection has a nice mix of Christmas and AYR content. For example, The Night Before Christmas gift box is £11 and has a Twilight bath bomb and a Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.
  • Seasons Greetings has Snowcake soap and Dream Cream body lotion (£13)
  • This year they have a £20 gift that includes 6 butterball-sized bath bombs – 5 of them being Bestsellers and 1 being Butterball
  • There will be a Christmas tree gift, containing a mini Shoot for the Stars, a mini Snow Fairy, a mini Intergalactic, a mini Avobath, a mini Groovy Kind of Love and a Butterball — all for £20
  • They’ve introduced a few mini bath bombs – a couple of the new Xmas bombs are £2.95
  • Winter Garden is a floral bath bomb the size of Butterball and is ylang ylang, bergamot and has petals of marigold, blue larkspur and delphinium dipped in cocoa butter and covered in (plastic free) glitter on top.
  • Some of the bath bomb designs of returnees are the same – Jingle Bells has been made a bit smaller so it’s normal bath bomb size now.
  • Roasting Chestnuts is very almond/cherry heavy with oat milk, chestnut purée, almond essential oil, cassia oil, clary sage oil, and cedar wood oil.
  • Elfie Stick bubble bar is a bubble stick that looks like the leg of a Christmas elf. Reusable and smells like foam banana sweets with some lemon and vetivert oil too in there too.
  • Kinky Boots bubble bar is a Sex Bomb scented Santa who appears to be stuck up the chimney with his boots in the air – the boots are a bath oil so can be used separately.
  • Snow Fairy bubble bar is a Comforter style bubble bar only light pink and Snow Fairy scented.

Another thing — there will be an Advent Calendar, and it will be available to pre-order at the 27th of August. It’s only available in the UK, and even though you can pre-order it at August 27, it will not be delivered until November! It costs £185 and will contain 24 vegan items, of which some are AYR, Christmas range, bestsellers and retro items, like Ponche shower gel and Christmas Eve bubble bar. This means those will NOT be sold separately.

The Advent Calendar contains:

♥ Bombardino Bath Bomb
♥ Sleepy Shower Gel (100g)
♥ Yog Nog Shower Gel (100g)
♥ Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb
♥ Ponche Shower Gel (100g)
♥ Abombinaball Bath Bomb
♥ Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
♥ I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb
♥ Dream Cream self-preserving Body Lotion (45g)
♥ Kinky Boots Bubble Bar
♥ Twilight Bath Bomb
♥ Sleepy Bubble Bar
♥ Sakura Body Lotion (45g)
♥ Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar
♥ Orange Shower Scrub (130g)
♥ Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub (100g)
♥ Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar
♥ Coconut Snow Body Lotion (45g)
♥ Shooting Stars Soap
♥ Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
♥ Golden Pear Soap
♥ Candy Cane Lip Scrub
♥ Fresh As Perfume (15ml)
♥ Celebrate Body Milk (100g)

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