Review: Lush Mamma Mia Shower Scrub

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Scrub? I love it. Pink scrub? Give it to me. I don’t care what the scent is, a pink scrub is all that I need in life. So I was veryyy happy when I saw Lush had a pink scrub in the Mother’s Day range this year. My ass is broke thanks to this range, but whatever. After all, I do need to have something to write about on my blog, right? Right??

What is it?

Lush Mammia Mia costs £10.95 (300g) or £19.95 (600g). Not only the color is amazing, the substance is great as well. It’s not as rough as Rub Rub Rub, Mamma Mia is more like a mush with a scrub in it. Just scoop out a handful and let the scrubbing begin!

I cannot live without scrubbing. A smooth and radiant skin, it’s what I live for. It’s not just a lovely feeling, it’s also very good for your skin. Get rid of dead skin, stimulate blood circulation, unclog pores, you name it.

What’s in it?

The scrub grains in this product are made of fine sea salt and Himalayan salt. The second ingredient is NLS, a surfactant that also goes by the name SLS or SLES. This ensures that the skin gets a good cleaning, although in a somewhat chemical way, there is a lot of discussion about this ingredient. My skin does not react negative on this ingredient, so I’m not bothered by this ingredient. I don’t even really react to perfume or alcohol (except on parties). Anyway, other than this, there’s also pink pink grapefruit puree, pink grapefruit peel decoction, bergamot oil, rosewood, vanilla absolue and rose clay in it.

The smell is sweet and floral. Sweet because of the grapefruit in it, floral because of the bergamot and roses, but also warm because of the vanilla in it. Lush, please make more products with this scent! Some people have been comparing the scent to Pink Charming. Although I absolutely get the comparison (because of the grapefruit in both products), I do think Mamma Mia is warmer. Prince Charming is more fresh.

What do I think?

This product is really awesome. Why? Well first because of the scent, it’s just really good. Sweet and floral, it’s perfect for spring. The color is a huge plus. The substance is exactly right — fine scrub grains floating in a hydrating mush. This makes not just me really happy, but also my skin. It feels soft, smooth and hydrated afterwards. Am I going to buy another pot? I’m not sure, it’s not cheap. And I do have a lot of other scrubs. But one thing is sure, I will be using Mamma Mia with a lot of pleasure.

UK: £10.95 (300g) or £19.95 (600g)
USA: $15.95 (11.2 oz)

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