Mother’s Day

Review: Lush Madame President Bath Bomb

It’s almost that time again: the elections. In our little country, it starts March 20th. I’m not really into politics, but boy, that changed when I saw Madame President! This appealing bath bomb consists of two colored halves, pink and blue. The cherry on top are the white stars in this bath bomb. I decided to use this beauty after a walk on the beach with my dog, in the pouring rain. Am I going to vote for Madame President? Let’s find out.
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Review: Lush Rose Butterfly Bath Bomb

I had already placed an order last week, which included Lemon Butterfly, but when I saw this Rose Butterfly on Instagram, I just HAD to have it. I read somewhere that it would share its scent with Rose Jam- – unfortunately this is not true. Rose Butterfly had a new scent, I believe it’s called Road Rage. I’m not completely sure about this tho, because I still have no confirmation of Lush about it. Anyway, let me intro this gorgeous butterfly to you! 😊

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Review: Lush Hunny Bear Massage Bar

I’m an easy target for Lush. Make a product look like an animal, and I buy it. As a big animal lover I simply could not resist this cute little guy. Does he look familiar to you? That’s because this product is formerly known as Honey Bear. The only difference is that Hunny Bear does not contain honey. It’s 2019, so everything’s turning vegan. This bear decided to hop onto the bandwagon and join the vegan revolution. Viva la Hunny Bear!

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Review: Lush Lemon Butterfly Bath Bomb

I’m in love with butterflies, I even have a butterfly tattoo right above my butt crack. Okay, I was 17 when I got that tattoo, and I’d rather see it gone, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll always love these beautiful, little creatures. No wonder I let one flutter into my shopping basket. So if you’re curious about this little guy, keep on reading!

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Review: Lush Jasmine Flower Bath Bomb

There are times where I am very happy with having a bath. The Easter and Mother’s Day collection of Lush both contain a LOT of bath products. And that of course means that I want to try everything! It was difficult to make a choice, and to be fair — the products are not very cheap (especially the past few months), but eventually I decided to go for Jasmine Flower. And I certainly do not regret it!

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Review: Lush Floating Flower Bath Bomb

When I was browsing through the webshop, looking for products to review for my blog, I did not really know what bath bombs I should buy. They all looked so beautiful! I decided to put some random bath bombs in my basket, including this Floating Flower. And guys, I am SO glad I did. Because this bath bomb has a real chance of knocking off my beloved Golden Wonder Bath Bomb off its throne..

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Review: Lush Mamma Mia Shower Scrub

Scrub? I love it. Pink scrub? Give it to me. I don’t care what the scent is, a pink scrub is all that I need in life. So I was veryyy happy when I saw Lush had a pink scrub in the Mother’s Day range this year. My ass is broke thanks to this range, but whatever. After all, I do need to have something to write about on my blog, right? Right??

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