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Hiii guys! As you may know, I’m going to Liverpool on April 30 with my friend. And of course I’m going to visit Lush Liverpool — the newest and largest Lush store in the world, which has recently opened there. They have more than 300 exclusive products, so I decided to make a wish list as part of the anticipatory pleasure.

Keep on reading if you want to know what’s on my wishlist!

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Lush Blossom Washcloud – £4.95
Lush Cookie Dough Lip Scrub – £6.50

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Lush Validation Shower Bomb – £2.75
Lush Wake Up Call Shower Bomb – £2.75

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Lush Supernatural Powers Shower Bomb – £2.75
Lush Ultraplant Facial Cleanser – £12.50

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Lush Bongo Shower Jelly – £5.50 / £10.95
Lush Conga Shower Jelly – £5.50 / £10.95

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Lush Bubblegum Toothy Tabs – £6.50
Lush Toothy Fruity Toothy Tabs – £6.50

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Lush Hercules Hot Oil Treatment – £6.95
Lush Goddess Hair Moisturiser – £13.50

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Lush Super Milk Hair Conditioner Spray – £14.95 (100 gram) / £29.95 (250 gram)
Lush Willow the Wisp Hair Thickening Serum – £14.95

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Lush Easy Peeler – £4.95
Lush American Cream Pressed Conditioner Bar – £8.50

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Lush Mango Co Wash – £9.95
Lush Banana Co Wash – £9.95

Knowing me, this probably won’t be everything. I’m so glad I decided to take a large suitcase with me. Also, I’m going to host a give away on my Instagram, when I get back! I hope to reach 2500 followers by then. The give away will be worldwide, so feel free to participate and let me know which products you’d like to see in the give away.

I wish you all a happy Easter!

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