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Review: Lush ‘Cream Bath Oil

As a true horror movie fanatic, I could not skip this bath oil. This mask from the Scream movies is iconic, and Lush has definitely noticed that. You don’t have to be afraid of Ghostface no longer, it won’t come after you with a razor sharp knife. On the contrary — this is the perfect opportunity for you to to take revenge for all the sleepless nights you’ve had because of him, and drown him with your own bare hands, without feeling bad about it. Today I’ll tell you all about this bath oil, so if you’re not afraid… keep on reading! (By the way.. did you know that the person behind the Ghostface mask, Billy Loomis, is played by FP Jones from Riverdale?)

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Review: Lush I Want A Pony Bath Oil

If a bath oil looks this cute, I actually don’t even care how it smells. And I’ll be honest — I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t for its cute design, because it shares its scent with The Comforter, a scent that I’m not keen on. But after having tested 27 Harajuku bath bombs, I thought it was time to get this horse out of the barn. It’s actually one of my first bath oils to demo (can you imagine?!) so I was very excited.

If you’re curious about this bath oil, then keep on reading.

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