Valentine’s Day

Just when you think you’ve saw it all, Lush decides to create a bath bomb shaped like an aubergine. An aubergine, guys. Let that sink in. Of course its based on the ambiguous aubergine emoji (admit it, you’ve also used this emoji for non-food related things), which is the theme of the Valentine’s Day range this year. I just knew I had to try this one out. In the tub, that is. Yes lovely people, there’s people out there using this bath bomb for other purposes than bathing.

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I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other Lushies can’t deny! This year’s Valentine’s Day range is all inspired by emojis. This Peachy bath bomb doesn’t only have a fun appearance, it also contains some good ingredients, which made me curious about the scent. If you’re curious about this cheeky (see what I did there 👀) bath bomb, then make sure you keep on reading!

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