I was pretty hesitate when I saw the new perfumes in the webshop. Did I wanted to buy this perfume or not? I was planning on a no buy month, since paying for every product on my blog can get a bit expensive (especially with all those releases lately!). Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE buying Lush for my blog, and I mostly buy stuff I really use myself, so it’s two birds with one stone for me. But still, I wanted to try to not buy Lush for a month. And I didn’t even plan on buying those new limited perfumes! And as you can see, that went really well! 🙄 After a long discussion with myself, I decided to buy Snowcake perfume. And while I was at it, why not buy 29 High St. as well? Yeah, I’m weak lol. Anyway, enjoy this Snowcake perfume review! I broke my no buy month for it, so y’all better read it.

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Hi there, and welcome to my blog! My name is Evelien, I live in The Netherlands and I've been a huge Lush fan since 2013. On this blog I share my love for Lush with others!

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