I’ve never shared a bath with a waffle-making donkey before, but there’s a first for everything. I mean, I’ve shared a bath with a donkey before, but apparently he goes by the name “husband”. After bathing with Shrek Swamp Bath Bomb, it’s his sidekick’s turn to steal the show in the tub. As a fan of the Shrek movies I of course had to grab every single item of this collab, and I can’t wait to try out Donkey! Keep on reading if you’re curious about this bath bomb.

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Hi everyone, today I’ve got the full list of the new bath bombs that are being launched for Bath Bomb Day, which is 27th April. At this point I can confirm that the bath bombs will launch in the UK & Europe, I have no certainty for the rest of the world—but I’m pretty positive it’ll be a global launch 😊 Whenever I have new information I will update this blog post!

  • Iconic Door Bath Bomb (29 High St. scented)
    – Shaped to resemble the iconic door of the 29 High St. store
  • American Cream Bath Bomb (American Cream scented)
  • Beat The Clock Badger Bath Bomb (Candy Corn Lip Scrub scented)
  • Brother Moon Bath Bomb (Rhubarb & Rose scented)
  • Apple a Day Bath Bomb (Atom Heart scented)
  • Chelsea Morning Bath Bomb (Butterscotch scented)
  • Cold Water Soother Bath Bomb (Epsom Salt)
  • Crackle Bath Bomb (Haribo sweets scented)
  • Dream Cream Salt Cube (Dream Cream scented)
  • Druids of Bath Bath Bomb
  • Yellow Flower – Lemon Bath Bomb
  • Orange Flower – Orange Bath Bomb
  • Blue Flower – Chamomile Bath Bomb
  • Purple Flower – Lavender Bath Bomb
  • Goldfish Bath Bomb(Geode bath bomb scented)
  • Giant Intergalactic Bath Bomb (450g)
    – Will contain three small pieces of diamond-shaped soaps
  • Ickle Bots Bath Bombs (2 bath bombs)
    – Will contain a miniature Angel Hair Shampoo Bar
    – Blue one is Ickle Bot scented, purple one is Twilight scented
  • Magic Bus Bath Bomb (Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb scented)
  • The Hexagon Bath Bomb (Bat Art/Junk scented)
  • Passion Bath Bomb (Passionfruit Delight/Spongebob)
  • Pig in a Poke Bath Bomb
    – Pig is Strawberry Feels scented, the pineapple is Yellow Submarine scented
  • Slammer Bath Bomb
    – Is a retro bath bomb, meaning it has been released before
  • Somewhere Bath Bomb (The Olive Branch scented)
  • Thermal Waves Bath Bomb (Peach and Pineapple, Princess Peach Shower Jelly scented)
  • Time of the Season Bath Bomb
  • Woodstock Bath Bomb
    – In a muslin bag, contains hulled hemp seeds
  • World’s Smallest Disco Bath Bomb (Revamped)

What bath bombs are you most excited for?

I’ve been in love with Lush’s scrubs lately. I’ve always had a deep-rooted love for Lush scrubs, but some of their new scrubs seem to have a different texture, which I love even more than the regular liquid ones. I’ve been obsessed with The Old Songs Are Waking, but I’ve found myself to keep buying the newer scrubs whenever they’re released. Today I’ll be reviewing another sugar scrub for you, which is one from the delicious and mouth-watering smelling Sticky Dates scent family.

If you’re curious about this product, make sure you keep on reading!

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I still have my two pots of Bam! and Brr! shower slimes. They’re almost empty, but I just can’t get myself to finish it. (Do I need professional help? Probably) I just love this type of product so much, that I want to keep and cherish it in my stash forever. You can probably imagine how happy I was with the arrival of a new, limited shower slime! Today I’ll be reviewing this product, so you’re curious about this product, make sure you keep on reading!

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The Easter range has always been one of my favorite ranges. The collection’s packed with cute products, e.g. bunnies and colorful eggs, and they make me so excited for spring. I mean, look at this cute, colorful bunny! It’s pretty big and its colors are so vivid. It’s a terrible bath bomb to see if you have trypophobia though. 😂 If you’re curious about this bath bomb, keep on reading!

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Today my Lush x Shrek order arrived, and I’m accidentally in love. I love the Shrek movies, so this collab definitely screamed my name. They launched six products, and since I have no backbone when it comes to Lush, I just decided to buy everything. I was particularly curious about the bath products, so I decided to start off with the main character’s bath bomb, and today you can read my in-depth review on this bath bomb!

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What I love about the Easter range is all the fun colors and designs the bath bombs have. The first signs of Spring are here and having the Easter range on my desk, waiting to be reviewed, I couldn’t be more excited for Spring. Today I’ll be reviewing this cute chick, named Cheep Cheep. If you’re curious, keep on reading!

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“Coming soon to a swamp near you … Launching on the Lush app first on March 22nd and online from March 25th. See you then, ogre-achievers! #LushXShrek”

Woohoo! We’ve got a new collab coming up soon. Lush x Shrek, i’m so excited. Here’s everything I know so far…

💚 The Shrek bath bomb will contain Irish moss and sea weed
💚 Donkey bath bomb will be Yog Nog scented
💚 Gingy bubble bar will be Carrot Cake scented
💚 The other products will have a new, earthy/chocolate scents
💚 It’s rumored the shower gel and the body spray will share the same scent

Fiona shower gel
By Night One Way, By Day Another body spray
Donkey bath bomb
Get Outta My Swamp shower slime
Gingy bubble bar
Shrek Swamp bath bomb

🍃 Get Outta My Swamp Shower Slime £9.00 / £18.00
🍃 Shrek Swamp Bath Bomb £8.00
🍃 Fiona Shower Gel £10.00 / £20.00 / £34.00
🍃 By Night One Way, By Day Another Body Spray £34.00
🍃 Gingy Bubble Bar £7.50
🍃 Donkey Bath Bomb £6.00

Launch dates:

UK: March 22nd on app & March 25th on the website
Europe: similar to launch date UK, exacte date is yet to follow
US: April 9th on app & April 11th on the website
Canada: April 9th on app & April 11th on the website

Rest of the world is yet to follow!

I’m so excited for the shower slime, I loved Bam! and Brr! shower slimes. As soon as I know more, you can read it in this blog post!

EDIT: The press release is out, read all about it here!

What do you think of this collab? Will you be buying something?

When I posted on my Instagram Story that I needed an Intergalactic Body Spray to exist, fellow Lushie @lunarangst told me there was, in fact, an Intergalactic Glitter Mist. Wait, what?!! Then this heaven-sent angel offered me to grab me one from her nearest Lush store. I didn’t even hesitate. I didn’t care how much it would cost, or how much the shipping costs would be, I NEEDED this product. A few weeks later I received it in the mail, and today I’ll be reviewing this exclusive product!

If you’re curious about this product, make sure you keep on reading.

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Furze is a flowering shrub native to parts of Europe and North Africa, otherwise known as ulex or gorse. It is apparently prevalent in Cornwall, and in the summer, the bright yellow flowers open and perfume the air with a coconut-floral aroma.

In the bottle and in the pot, it has a dense, buttery-powdery-sweet scent, like coconut and cocoa butter. Many reviews and the product notes list neroli and mimosa, as well as coconut and a touch of musk and fruit, but all I get is Play-Doh. When we first got it into the store, a number of my coworkers agreed. To those in countries outside of the US who don’t know, Play-Doh is a sculpting clay for kids that come in a wide range of colours. Very few American children will be unfamiliar with the distinctive scent.

On my skin, which is oily and, I have to assume, acidic, because everything goes sour on me, it smells grassy at first, almost like celery, then settles into the Play Doh scent again, though with a vegetal backnote.

I was looking forward to receiving this solid perfume in March’s Kitchen box. It was such a baffling fragrance in the store, I had to know if it was different in solid form. Sadly, in my opinion, it is not. I tried it on my skin, because skin chemistry will change how a scent behaves, and I didn’t detect any of the neroli or mimosa notes, both of which are scents I adore.

I don’t love it, but I do remember loving Cornwall the one time I visited. After doing a little research on the inspiration, I am developing a sort of fondness. So I’ll keep it, and next time I’m in southwest England, maybe I’ll encounter that springy furze breeze and fall in love with this unconventional scent.

Diana Sanchez works as a Sales Ambassador for Lush in Southern California. She also writes historical fantasy fairytale retellings under the pen name, Avon Van Hassel. Her website is www.avonvanhassel.com

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