Shower gels (hidden & seasonal)

PLEASE READ: This review was originally written in 2013 on my Dutch blog. I have translated this blog post, and also altered some of the information in this review since a lot of things changed since 2013. Even though I try to create a good blog post for you, please note that there can be some information that’s outdated or different nowadays. It’s also a strong possibility that the appearances of the products have changed since then.

If you have as many Lush shower gels as I do, it’s nearly an impossible task to review them all separately. (Edit 2024: I wrote this in 2013 when I reviewed a LOT of products, not just Lush, that’s why I didn’t do a in-depth review on these Lush products) That’s why I decided to review 5 shower gels in 1 blog post today! I’ll talk about each of the shower gel’s scent and if I liked it or not, so you’ll know exactly what shower gel to buy!

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If there’s one product that I’m very curious about, it is the Yog Nog shower gel. I am a big fan of the Yog Nog scent, ever since the first soap came out in 2014. It would inevitable that they would release a shower gel one day, as this scent family has built up a large fan base over the years. This shower gel was in the advent calendar that I bought, and today I’ll tell you all about it!

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When I saw that this pink shower gel called American Cream was part of the Valentine’s Day range, I didn’t have to think twice — I need this in my life! I mean, check out that color. It could be smelling like a turd sprinkled with curry powder and I’d STILL buy it. Fortunately for me, it has the same delicious scent that American Cream hair conditioner does, and since I’m in love with that product, it didn’t take long before my order was delivered.

Curious about how I like it? Then keep on reading!

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It is cold outside, it might snow later. The wind rushes past the house and it gets dark early. Inside you are wrapped in a fluffy sweater and you have your hands folded around a cup of hot chocolate. A hot shower would be perfect now.. and that wouldn’t be complete without Cinders! This winter shower gel is a must have during this cold season. Today I’m telling you all about it!

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