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Hi guys! Today I’ve got some spoilers for Easter 2021. In this blog post I’ll be posting photos and information whenever I get them, so be sure to keep checking this page. If you’re curious, click below!

Avo Good Easter soap
£9.00 / €11,00

Follow the White Rabbit bath bomb (Carrot Reusable Bubble Bar / Snowman Shower Jelly scented — citrusy)
£3.50 / €4,95

Eggy Wegg bath bomb (Aurora Borealis scented — sweet, fruity & refreshing)
£4.95 / €6,50

Flamingo Egg bath bomb (Elfie Stick scented — banana, cotton candy & fruity)
£4.95 / €6,50

Golden Egg bath bomb melt (HIWTK scented)
£4.95 / €6,50

Owl and the Pussycat bath bomb (Melting Marshmallow Moment scented — fluffy candy sweetness)
£5.95 / €7,50

Humpty Dumpty bath bomb (HIWTK scented)
£6.50 / €8,50

Singing Daffodil bubble blower (Santa’s Grotto bath bomb scented — floral)
£4.50 / €5,95

Walter Bunny body butter (chocolate scented)
£8.00 / €10,00

Muddy Carrots soap (Carrot shower oil scented)
£5.50 / €6,75

Funfetti Cake lip scrub (candy buttercream taste/scent)
£6.50 / €9,00

    – Avo Good Easter soap
    – Owl and the Pussycat bath bomb (3 bath bombs in 1)
    – Humpty Dumpty bath bomb (crack open the eggshell for a HIWTK scented egg)
    – Walter Bunny scrub (chocolate scented polishing bar with maize flour — similiar to Let The Good Times Roll scrub, looks like a Lindt bunny)
    – Bunny Butter Cheeks gift
    – Bunny Ears gift
    – Eggy Wegg bath bomb
    – Flamingo Egg bath bomb
    – Follow the White Rabbit bath bomb
    – Funfetti Cake lip scrub
    – Golden Egg bath bomb (review)
    – Golden Egg gift
    – Muddy Carrots soap
    – Singing Daffodils reusable bubble bar

Easter range will be out on February 18 (UK).

I’m not sure if this list is complete. If anyone knows more information, feel free to share in the comments or send me an email if you prefer!

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