bath melt

Although I initially didn’t plan on buying the bath oil tablets, I thought they looked really nice when I saw them in the store. I decided to bring home Cinnamon Orange — the scent isn’t a surprise, of course. It’s a lovely, wintery scent, which comes in handy for whenever you need a little warming up. I took it home with me and today i’ll review it for you!

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I can’t believe that this is already the last bath bomb from the Easter collection that I will be reviewing! This glittering egg is a bath bomb, but it’s also a bath melt. The result: a bath full of glitter, you full of glitter, everything full of glitter. I could not have wished for a better bathing session. Anyway, let’s find out what this bath bomb looks like in the tub!

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Hi there, and welcome to my blog! My name is Evelien, I live in The Netherlands and I've been a huge Lush fan since 2013. On this blog I share my love for Lush with others!

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