I must’ve bought about 20 of the new bath bombs that were lauched for World Bath Bomb Day. I just couldn’t choose between them all! I decided to use Druids of Bath first, since it’s a pretty popular pick from the collection. I’m already in love with its stunning design. If you’re curious, keep on reading!

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Guess what? Just when I decide to buy a shitload of main line bath bombs for reviewing purposes, some of them are being discontinued soon. Guardian of the Forest as well — AGAIN. It was already discontinued a few years ago, and now it’ll be leaving us again. This strikes me as odd, because it’s the only one with an earthy, green and mossy scent. However, since the bath bomb will be available till somewhere in September, I’ll be reviewing it quickly so you can determine whether to buy it or skip it.

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Fancy a walk in the forest, but there’s no forest near you? No problem, because today’s shower gel will immediately transport to a pine forest. The bright green shower gel is based on the popular Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb, a green bath bomb that will bring you back to earth. Although I’ve only had this bath bomb once, I was of course too curious to this shower gel to let this one slip by. Even though we’re blessed with a lovely beach here, I love being in the woods, so Guardians is a very welcome addition here.

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