Where were you, when you find out that Perle de Sel wasn’t coming back this Christmas? I remember it very well. A black day in my life. Perle de Sel was on its way becoming my favourite Christmas bath bomb, until… they decided not to bring it back this year. How crude can you be? Perle de Sel was a beautiful bath bomb, Snowcake-scented, aka the best Christmas scent. But… there is a bath bomb this year with the Snowcake scent! But is it as beautiful as Perle de Sel? Let’s find out.

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No matter how cold it is outside, there is always a Lush product to warm yourself up with. The shower bomb that I am going to review today is one of them. It’s packed with spicy oils and a scent that will warm up the most cold hearted souls! Since I always enjoy using and testing the shower bombs, I enthusiastically left the Lush store with three shower bombs in my bag. Today I’m going to review Rudolph Nose for you, so if you’re curious, make sure you keep on reading.

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Hi there, and welcome to my blog! My name is Evelien, I live in The Netherlands and I've been a huge Lush fan since 2013. On this blog I share my love for Lush with others!

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