Review: Lush The Olive Branch Bath Bomb

The Olive Branch shower gel is a product that has been in the Lush main collection for a while now. I have already bought this product several times now, due to the mere fact that I’m in love with the scent. When I saw that there is a bath bomb with this scent, I ordered it right away. I mean, what kind of monster do you have to be to let this one slide? If you’re curious, read on.

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Review: Lush Six Bubble Bars

I had already ordered from the Valentine’s Day range, when I read somewhere that these two bubble bars share their scent with Yog Nog. And even though I wasn’t too keen on the price of these two, I knew that I HAD to order these. So, order #2 happened. I felt a bit guilty though, but that feeling of guilt quickly dissapeared when the bubble bars arrived. They smelt better than I could imagine. I’ve been smelling them for about 2,5 hours before I was able to put them down. Okay, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated. Or is it? Anyway, keep on reading if you want to know all about these twins.

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Review: Lush American Cream shower gel

When I saw that this pink shower gel called American Cream was part of the Valentine’s Day range, I didn’t have to think twice — I need this in my life! I mean, check out that color. It could be smelling like a turd sprinkled with curry powder and I’d STILL buy it. Fortunately for me, it has the same delicious scent that American Cream hair conditioner does, and since I’m in love with that product, it didn’t take long before my order was delivered.

Curious about how I like it? Then keep on reading!

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Review: Lush Peachy Bath Bomb

I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other Lushies can’t deny! This year’s Valentine’s Day range is all inspired by emojis. This Peachy bath bomb doesn’t only have a fun appearance, it also contains some good ingredients, which made me curious about the scent. If you’re curious about this cheeky (see what I did there 👀) bath bomb, then make sure you keep on reading!

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Review: Lush Cinders shower gel

It is cold outside, it might snow later. The wind rushes past the house and it gets dark early. Inside you are wrapped in a fluffy sweater and you have your hands folded around a cup of hot chocolate. A hot shower would be perfect now.. and that wouldn’t be complete without Cinders! This winter shower gel is a must have during this cold season. Today I’m telling you all about it!

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Review: Lush I Love Juicy shampoo

Eating two pieces of fruit a day? Not a problem anymore, because this shampoo contains fruit than your fruit bowl. Not only it makes your hair feel great, the scent is also a huge pro for me. I keep on buying this product, because it does wonders for my hair. If you’re curious about this product, then read on!

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Review: Lush 7 to 3 Cleansing Wipe

Since I put makeup on my face, I use facial wipes to get it off at night. Through the years a lot ended up in the trash can. How many would it be? Thousands? Easily. It’s not really environment friendly/biologically responsible — facial wipes make up 93% of matter causing sewer blockages in the UK. That’s why I was pretty curious about these biodegradable alternatives for facial wipes, called 7 to 3 facial cleanser. Completely naked, and completely vegan. Let’s try it out!

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Review: Lush Koyaanisqatsi Shower Bomb (and how to use a shower bomb multiple times!)

I had to copy paste the name from the webshop, because I just can NOT get it right each time I write it. Anyway, this shower bomb has a scent just as complex as its name. Today I’m reviewing this blue shower bomb, which is part of the regular collection. I’m also going to show you how to use a shower bomb multiple times! Are you curious about Koyanieutnskcensti? (I wrote that without looking up the name, I’d say it’s close enough) Then keep on reading!

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Review: Lush Perle de Sel Bath Bomb

There are scents of Lush that will always stay with you. For me, this was the case with Snowcake, a discontinued soap from the Christmas collection. Perhaps you still remember the hand cream Smitten? It was my holy grail, mainly because of the scent. It was sad to see Snowcake go, but fortunately for me, someone told me that Perle de Sel shares its scent with Snowcake. Sooo.. I’m sure you can imagine my excitement. And a few days later, a truck stopped in front of our house, loading six pallets of Perle de Sel bath bomb. Just kidding. Maybe.

If you’d like to know more about this bath bomb, then keep on reading!

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