easy peeler

There aren’t a lot of things that can wake me up in the morning. Not even the alarm clock can do the job. Thank God my boyfriend wakes me up, although it takes awhile before I eventually open my eyes. Once out of bed, I drag myself to the shower, only to lean against the wall with my eyes closed, half sleeping. No, waking up is not my thing. Fortunately, Lush has some amazing products for mornings like these! Cup O’ Coffee used to be my favorite, but right now, I’ve completely fallen in love with Easy Peeler. The scent doesn’t just wake me up — it also makes me happy. And THAT is impressive, seeing as I normally don’t crack a smile before having my cup of black coffee.

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Hi there, and welcome to my blog! My name is Evelien, I live in The Netherlands and I've been a huge Lush fan since 2013. On this blog I share my love for Lush with others!

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