In case you’ve missed it: yes, there’s now a Goddess shower gel. Last week, Lush hinted on social media that new shower gels were being released. These are Groovy Kind of Love, Sex Bomb, Goddess, Intergalactic, Guardians of the Forest and Turmeric Latte. Also, a Cookie Dough Body Scrub! I swear, the whole Lush Community went batshit crazy when they found out. Including me. So it’s probably no surprise that I’ve bought them all. And today, we’ll start off with Goddess.

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Every time I was browsing in the webshop, I saw Goddess in my corner of the eye. She stared at me, but I ignored her. After all, she costs £5.95 and I thought that was a little too much money, especially given my already big bath bomb stash.
But then, one day, I fell for her. I clicked on her and the video in the background immediately started playing. I looked at it intrigued and saw how the purple colors and glitter from the bath bomb were being spit into the water. Now I was hoping for a hot curry smell (I hate hot curry), so that I didn’t have to buy it, I glanced at the description. Shit, no curry. I dó see sandalwood (I love sandalwood) and before I knew it, I ordered Goddess in complete euphoria. After solemnly promising myself not to buy a bath bomb of £5.95, I fell for this purple beauty.

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