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Yes! New products will soon be added to the Lush collection. Some of them aren’t new — they were either for sale temporarily, or only available in certain stores. There’s quite some mouthcare products, including some toothpaste jellies! I already reviewed a few of those, so I’ll add the links. There’s also 7 brand new Harajuku bath bombs coming soon. These were only for sale in the Harajuku store in Japan, just like the 54 Harajuku bath bombs last year. I happen to have already reviewed 3 of them! All of these products will be main line (all year round) and available world wide.

Bath bombs

  • Black Ninja Bath Bomb
  • Flight Bath Bomb (review)
  • Roar Bath Bomb (review)
  • Temple in the Skies Bath Bomb (review)
  • Tengri Bath Bomb
  • Salt Cube – Blue Gardenia Bath Bomb
  • Salt Cube – Rose Clay Bath Bomb

Mouth care

  • Cool Mouthwash Tabs
  • Creme de Mentha Mouthwash Tabs
  • Gin and Tonic Mouthwash Tabs
  • Spritz Mouthwash Tabs
  • Zing! Mouthwash Tabs
  • Boom! Toothy Tabs
  • Bubblegum Toothy Tabs
  • Dirty Toothy Tabs
  • Limelight Toothy Tabs
  • Miles of Smiles Toothy Tabs
  • Toothy Fruity Toothy Tabs
  • Blue Tooth Toothpaste Jelly (review)
  • Plaque Sabbath Toothpaste Jelly (review)
  • Strawberries and Clean Toothpaste Jelly
  • White Fang Toothpaste Jelly

7 Responses to New products coming soon (worldwide, main line!)

  • Thank you for sharing!

    Are these a part of the bigger bath bomb release that is supposed to happen in March? Or in addition to? Do we know when they will be hitting stores worldwide?

    • I don’t have an exact date yet. They’re part of the 89 Harajuku bath bombs that were launched last year, exclusively for the Harajuku pop-up store in Japan. 54 of those bath bombs were made available worldwide last year, now 7 are being added! And there are also 110 bubble bars (also from the Harajuku store) being launched in March. :D

  • Evelien! Thank you for this amazing blog chucked with lots of info about Lush. I’m so happy to have found you. For several years I always have a supply of Lush bath bombs and you have literally answered every question I have. I always read the Lush reviews obsessively each time I order and the Lush website just doesn’t seem to answer my questions. Now I finally understand the Bath Bubbles as well. Lol
    Smell and how my skin feels when I get out are the most important factors to me. I don’t really care about the colors. A Bath Bomb has to be exceptional if it’s going to make a mess in my tub!
    My favorite is Lord of Misrules. What is your favorite?
    Thank you… I have bookmarked and will return often.

    • Lee Ann, you have no idea how much this means to me! It’s so greatly motivating for me to read this. Thank you so much, you made my entire week <3 Also, my all time favorite is Sex Bomb.. or Twilight. They're both amazing!

      • Makes me happy that my post motivated you and made your week. I totally get that…. when someone says just what you need to hear at a certain time. I lost my mom a few years ago and I always remember her saying “when you think something nice about someone say it”. Now I say the same thing to my daughter. For my son, giving compliments, expressing gratitude etc. always came natural. My daughter has to work on it. Just like her father! Hahaha
        I love Sex Bomb as well, can’t remember how I feel about Twilight. Right now I’m soaking in Butterball. I’m going to order some stuff now, running very low.

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