Spoilers: Lush Father’s Day 2020 products

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In this post you’ll find the products that are coming out for Father’s Day 2020. As far as I know, it’s worldwide! I don’t know if this is definite, some things can still change at the last moment. Feel free to repost, a link back would be very appreciated. If I have additional information, it will be posted in this blog post. Enjoy, and let me know what product you’re most excited for in the comments! 💙

One Response to Spoilers: Lush Father’s Day 2020 products

  • What is this? Men shop at LUSH too.

    No Dear John, Smuggler’s Soul, nor new male scent specials. All solid gimmicky garbage. Why though? Return the facial scrubs, liquid facial moisturizers, and shower gels to the shops.

    Gay men don’t have kids and have extra money to spend on superficial masculine beauty products. Who is the idiot doing marketing this year? Probably that pompous bastard MC that tried to axe shipping to USA.

    The father’s day products are a new growing fad and gaining a solid fan base and this release just takes a total deuce on it. SMH.

    Awful, awful, AWFUL!!!

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