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In this post you’ll find the products that are coming out for Valentine’s Day 2020. As far as I know, it’s worldwide! I don’t know if this is definite, some things can still change at the last moment. Feel free to repost, a link back would be very appreciated. If I have additional information, it will be posted in this blog post. Enjoy, and let me know what product you’re most excited for in the comments! 💙

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2 Responses to Spoilers: Lush Valentine’s Day 2020 products

  • Any news on whether or not the Banana massage bar will be coming back for Valentine’s too? Loved that one! It smelled sooo good!!!

  • Oh…and also the Adam’s Apple Mouthwash tabs?!?! They were sooo good too! Tasted amazing and so fresh! I would looove it if they would come back this Valentine’s!

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