Today it’s the turn of the last Japan exclusive – Roar. Roar is a green bath bomb shaped like a dinosaur, in case you’ve.. missed it. I love dinosaurs, so if I wouldn’t have won this one, I’d definitely buy it. Also, because I’ve had three Japan exclusives in the past three days, the urge to go to the Harajuku store in Japan has become even greater. I’m so curious to the rest of the Japan exclusives. Let’s hope that one day, I can plan a trip to Japan. That would be so awesome! But first things first — let’s toss this green monster into the tub and find out if he can swim.

If you’re curious about this bath bomb, then keep on reading!

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In the Easter range there are some great and fun bath bombs. And by fun, I mean REALLY fun and unique. My 2 year old nephew would completely lose his shit if he saw this bath bomb, he is crazy about “dinowawus” 😂 In this large egg, consisting of two halves, there is a piece of Fun in the shape of a dinosaur. This is genius. It’s a bit more expensive than you are used to. Of course you can use this egg twice, or just in once, it’s up to you.

Of course I wanted the best result for the photo and I just threw the whole thing into my bath. If you want to know how that looks like, then you should definitely continue reading!

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