Yesterday I wrote about Snowcake perfume, but I also bought the shower gel a while ago. Of course I had to, because if there’s one wonderful winter scent (besides Yog Nog 🧡), it’s Snowcake! Although I wasn’t really negative about the perfume, I wasn’t very positive as well. So.. I’m pretty curious how I’ll like this one! If you’re curious as well, make sure you keep on reading.

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I was pretty hesitate when I saw the new perfumes in the webshop. Did I wanted to buy this perfume or not? I was planning on a no buy month, since paying for every product on my blog can get a bit expensive (especially with all those releases lately!). Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE buying Lush for my blog, and I mostly buy stuff I really use myself, so it’s two birds with one stone for me. But still, I wanted to try to not buy Lush for a month. And I didn’t even plan on buying those new limited perfumes! And as you can see, that went really well! 🙄 After a long discussion with myself, I decided to buy Snowcake perfume. And while I was at it, why not buy 29 High St. as well? Yeah, I’m weak lol. Anyway, enjoy this Snowcake perfume review! I broke my no buy month for it, so y’all better read it.

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Where were you, when you find out that Perle de Sel wasn’t coming back this Christmas? I remember it very well. A black day in my life. Perle de Sel was on its way becoming my favourite Christmas bath bomb, until… they decided not to bring it back this year. How crude can you be? Perle de Sel was a beautiful bath bomb, Snowcake-scented, aka the best Christmas scent. But… there is a bath bomb this year with the Snowcake scent! But is it as beautiful as Perle de Sel? Let’s find out.

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In the leaked photos from the Christmas range, there was a photo of this Snowflake body lotion. My Snowcake-heart was beating faster — was my beloved Snowcake scent making a comeback this year? Snowcake has always been my favorite winter scent by Lush, so a body lotion would be very much appreciated. 😍 I took a quick look at the ingredients list, to see if the ingredients would match with those of Snowcake.. my Snowcake-heart was now pounding, there was some heavy breathing, excessive sweating, you name it. When I received Snowflake I immediately turnt off the lid to smell it… and in today’s blog post you’ll read if it’s indeed the Snowcake scent!

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