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When I learned that my favorite product Candy Rain shared its scent with the OG bath bomb ‘Mrs Whippy’, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Lucky for me, it was in the Kitchen box last month! I couldn’t be more happy — a bath bomb with my all time favorite scent by Lush. Time to review this product!

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As expected, a part of the Harajuku exclusive bubble bars was launched last week in the Dutch webshop. I immediately bought a bunch of ’em to review for y’all, but I also got my hands this bubble bar — I got it as a gift from the sweet Kevin!! 🥰 I’m incredibly happy with it, because even though Mrs Whippy will be coming to the rest of the world on June 26, as a huge Candy Rain fan I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this retro bubble bar. Today I’m reviewing it for you, so if you’re curious.. keep on reading!

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When I went to Liverpool, I’d made a list of things I wanted to buy. Of course. On top of that list was Candy Rain, a new hair conditioner that would have a slight similarity with Yog Nog, in terms of scent. Now I’m literally addicted to that scent, so Candy Rain was immediately put on the list. Maybe you already spotted it in the picture above, but I’ve ended up buying a 500 gram bottle. I originally bought a 250 gram bottle, but once tested in the hotel the next day, I immediately went back to get another 500 gram bottle. That kinda gives it away about how I think about it, right?

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