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When I was in Liverpool, I already spotted this jelly from far away. There was a huge text above the jelly: PARTY EXCLUSIVE. Aka, not for sale. You have to book a party there in order to get one. Pfft. I was very disappointed, especially after I smelled it. A wonderful scent that smelled very familiar to me.. after a quick check, Crash appears to be sharing its scent with Celebrate. Perhaps better known as Buck’s Fizz, Bubbly or Golden Wonder — one of my favorite scents of Lush. So I could barely contain my excitement when I saw the Party Exclusives for sale in the UK webshop, and immediately bought some. Unfortunately it’s no longer for sale, but since Lush is full of surprises, I decided to just review it anyway.

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When I was in Liverpool a while ago, I had immediately spotted the Party Exclusives in the new Liverpool store. They were hanging on the wall, but they’re not for sale. The only way to get them is to book a party at any UK Lush store. Now I do party with Lush every day in the shower, but for this I would need at least 8 people, and I just don’t have that many friends 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ I left the store that day with a LOT of products, which I was veryyy happy with, but somehow I was still bit sad that these nice exclusives weren’t for sale…

Until two weeks ago! On Instagram I saw someone posting that they’re now temporarily for sale in the UK webshop. I didn’t know how FAST I had to grab the creditcard upstairs (I tell you, I ran faster than Usain Bolt ever could) and tossed in some party exclusives into my shopping basket. After a long wait, almost two weeks later they finally arrived. I got three of the Crash jellies, one Cilla the Caterpillar Bath Bomb and two Calm A Llama Party Piñata Bath Bombs. And today, you can read all about the last one.

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